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Modern Milan

Green design joined together with modern architecture led my mind straight to Milan’s vertical forest. The building hosts unique terraces surrounding the whole perimeter of every single floor. The terraces are filled up with various plants; beyond playing a stunning role in enriching the building façade. They house birds, butterflies and other small animals. The flora also helps the filtering of particulates and creates a welcoming microclimate. In addition, green space provides a natural screen from background radiation. Surprisingly, this green ornamentation resulted in an increase of production prices of just 5%. That is definitely a win-to-win if one considers all these pros! From far off, it looks like the creepers surround the block in purple, blue and white hues like passion flowers. Its unprecedented shape evokes a cosmic aerial collecting signals from the universe and then turning them into a passion fruit. 
For many people and cultures, this flower symbolises Jesus Christ’s suffering. 
South America natives have always distilled sleep-inducers and tranquillisers from passiflora aerial parts. Does it remind you of calm or passion? 

In this painting I used moss - a natural antiseptic - and other substances which resist bacteria’s growth.Moss is also used as a house isolator in wooden homes. It absorbs humidity perfectly, protecting the earth from moulds and fungi. Since ancient times, moss has been used in money-related magic and it cleans out the surroundings from negative energy.