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Harvest was the very first human activity. It is nowadays associated with ancestral traditions, filled up with secret knowledge and ancient healing medicine. 
Herbs collection is a cherished tradition in Latvian culture, so much that there are dedicated days for collecting them - specifically when the earth gives them the maximum strength and energy. 
Humans have almost completely lost their contact with nature; that is why it is so important to take some time for infusion rituals. Hence, Icollected these gifts from nature and mixed them into the infusion “save your energy”. 
This special blend makes up its unique taste: a calming balm of happiness and tranquillity. 
It’s nature itself which imbues you to benefit your health and spirit. Gain back your taste for life! 



According to the myth, Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, gave the plant its smell to feel closer to his beloved nymph Mentha. She was turned into grass by his jealous wife, the underworld goddess Persephone. 
Peppermint gives calm and helps dealing with stress. It relaxes and stimulates digestive enzyme production. It regulates hunger and incites the immune system, acting as a barrier from viruses and bacteria. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It knocks out insomnia and reinforces blood vessels. It slows down ageing and enhances liver and body detox. 
It’s a balm against headache and reduces blood pressure. It is an appetite suppressant as well as a metabolism booster, making it one of the best allies to lose weight. 

Linden flowers 

Linden can help us out when we’ve had enough of a frenzied pace and feel a little bit misunderstood. It is the purest form of energy coming from the Earth and making us feel safe and comforted. You should visit this calming tree during daylight. 

Linden is also believed to be the reconciliation tree, making a quarrel impossible in its blooming season. The numerous myths and superstitions describe it as a dainty tree, a symbol of peace and love. Its reconciliation reputation has been ‘urbanly’ brought about by planting them in entire alleys or near houses and villages. 
People thought that no lightning could strike a linden, to the point that they would run there to find shelter from storms. 

It is represented on the emblem of the Latvian city of Liepaja. 

Linden flowers keep you warm, promote sweating in case of illness and lower temperature due to its anti-inflammatory properties. They contain essential oils, glycosides, ascorbic acid, tannins and mucilage, which all helps with blood pressure and sleep. Not only does it ease pain but it also soothes spasms. 


Mulberry culture has always been closely associated with silk production. In Chinese mythology, it is considered the Tree of Life, having magic powers of protection against all evils. 

Its berries fight various illnesses. They are efficacious expectorants and are recommended for helping heal pneumonia, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. It is diaphoretic, it helps hematopoiesis as well as the intestine, liver and spleen functioning. It reacts positively to dysbacteriosis because it is a good antiseptic. Its herbal tea helps in dealing with depression and sleep troubles. 

Thanks to its anti-age properties, it slows down ageing and strengthens the immune system and sight. 


They symbolise happiness and protect creative people. Cherries promote positive energy and protect against envious people, slanderers and shamans. 

They are among the rare, natural sources of melatonin and are high in potassium, which physiologically lowers blood pressure. They possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits; also, they are good to fight anaemia and thrombosis, lower cholesterol and help with digestion. Since they raise immune system responses, they prevent viral infections and colds. 

Furthermore, cherries are beauty berries: their properties improve skin, hair and nails condition.