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About Me

Hi! My name is Divolga and I am an artist! I paint using nature’s gifts that I harvest myself. I am from Latvia. Our culture is rich in ancient traditions, folklore and symbolism, which originated from the pagans. Moreover, this is a country in which handcraft and folk medicine are very common. Every leaf, every strain of grass has its own purpose, and here is where my creative process is born. The images I find in nature inspire the tale behind my paintings: I try to capture a moment of communion between nature and men, preserving the materials from every season by using them in my art. Nature is not governed by men but men can benefit from it by appreciating its gifts through time, becoming part of its cycle through curiosity and the creativity of the mind. 

These are my creative steps to give birth to a new painting: 
1 first, I look for interestingly shaped materials; 
2 then, I study their properties: biology, adaptability, strenght, durability, etc. ; 
3 eventually, I study their cultural aspect: symbolism, history, legends, application. 

The idea for the image is based on this process. Therefore, nature will give my characters their uniqueness. I am aiming to: Showing the value of all that exists around us. Pointing out the importance of keeping in touch with nature. Developing curiosity. Helping others through collaboration. Emphasizing problem solving, logic, and the sequence of actions. Speaking up about waste awareness using nature’s gifts Promoting creative potential. 
My key concepts are: recycling, learning, culture, biology, history, aesthetics, empathy, philantropy, materials science, evolution, research, meaning, imagination, exercise, art therapy, mental health,waste awareness, respecting the environment, eco-sustainability.