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The collection of handmade jewelry "Aquarium" is created from natural semi-precious stones taken from old or torn jewelry, which have been completely renewed with a unique design and limited materials. One of a kind, they have their own story, which you can continue by making them part of your memories. Pictures feauturing 10 aquatic inhabitants, painted with acrylic on a board burnt according to Japanese technology, are serving as a stand for jewelry adding a positive mood.

Porcupinefish: 2, 5, 8 
Cowfish: 4, 7 
Stingray: 2, 3, 6, 9 
Crab: 3, 4, 9 
Bubble eye goldfish: 2, 10 
Shrimp: 2, 10 
Axolotl: 1, 2, 3 
Muraena: 3, 7 
Seahorse: 4, 5, 8 
Cuttlefish: 3, 7 

 1. Pink quartz is a symbol of love, beauty, tenderness and harmony. The legend says that rose quartz is the hardened blood of our Earth, and everyone who wears it finds unity with nature and hears the thoughts of our planet.
 2. Amethyst is a stone of harmony and peacefulness. It helps to avoid scandals and quarrels, to identify insincerity and evil intentions, to find a common language with people. Amethyst promotes the development of creativity and mental activity, gives inspiration and new ideas. The stone also has a beneficial effect on appearance, preserving beauty and youth. 
3. The cat's eye will help its owner change life for the better, attract luck, happiness and love into it.
4. The main property of corals is to improve the character of a person, to make him more perfect and beautiful. Just as seawater smooths out the corners of a rock, corals make the edges of your personality smoother.
5. Black agate is a strong amulet. It provides its owner with protection from evil witchcraft, improves thought processes and concentration. During the Renaissance, agate was the talisman of Italian craftsmen.
6. Hematite has a tonic effect on the body and can raise blood pressure, so it is recommended for people with low blood pressure.
7. Turquoise brings the happiness of love, establishes peace in the family, attracts money to the owner, enhances intuition, makes a person brave, insightful. It also protects against accidents, including those that can lead to death. In this regard, the gem was very popular with Turkish warriors.
8. Obsidian. The official name of the stone of volcanic origin was in honor of the Greek warrior Obsidia. It was he who first appreciated the beauty of the mineral and brought it to Rome. An amazing stone that helps its owner to achieve cherished dreams
9. Since ancient times, the shell has been considered a symbol of wealth and good luck in a career. This talisman gives a person prosperity and fame. As a symbol of fertility, the shell indicates not only the birth of a new life, but also the birth of a new idea, project, any beautiful and sophisticated solution.
10. Faceted beads - perhaps the most famous Czech beads. They are produced by cutting round stamped beads in special machines. Their roughness and dullness are then fire polished in specific ovens. The beads are made from glass, which has been made in the Czech Republic since the 17th century. Then, the glass products are coated with an enamel layer.